Teater Tari Allure “Jendela”

Teater Tari Allure “Jendela”

Time: 19:00 - Finish

Event Description:
"It was going to take an adventure. You'll get what you want and open cultural horizons "

WINDOW, tells the story of a princess who wants adventure free as a bird in a golden cage, and he found a window .. Would where are the window of the princess? Curious?

A farewell degree staging and largest art appreciation event organized by the Faculty of Engineering, Universitas Indonesia. Under nauangan Art Creation Technique Workshop with Executive Producer Chelsea Islan dance theater will create a new concept of dance drama and will be the primary means of triggering public appreciation of the Cultural Mission also introduce the Indonesian culture to foreign countries!

In this year Allure will be met by dancers and musicians from Angsana Prabala III which will slide to follow the Festival de Cugand, France in August by performing five types of dance live! Supported also by the tourism ministry, Angsana Prabala III will memandukan dances from Sabang to Merauke which will enliven the staging of Allure Dance Drama!

Directed by: Dadang Badoet
Executively Produced by: Chelsea Islan

More Information:

Ninis: 08121063075
Instagram: allure.ui
Official Line: @ tvb3373i


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