Internationale Tourismus Borse Berlin

The largest tourism activity in the world

Internationale Tourismus Borse Berlin

Is the largest tourism activity in the world,  is trade and consumer show, attended by more than 10,000 ekhibitors from 187 countries from various tourism industry and government. Apart  offering our tourism packages, we also show arts and culture and  Indonesian traditional foods, especially Jakarta. Attended by more than 200 thousand people and 1092 booth. The event was held in 5 days from March 8 to 12, in Berlin, Germany, and was officially opened this evening (03.08) by David Ruetz, Head of ITB Berlin.

There are two major events in ITB Berlin, namely Business to Business (B to B) meeting for 3 days and Business to Customer (B to C) for 2 days. Representatives of Jakarta tourism industry is represented by four tourism industries.

Jakarta also took part in this event to promote tourism and culture in Jakarta. Besides offering tourist packages, we also feature arts and culture and the special  Indonesian food, especially Jakarta. Stand Jakarta also introduced Betawi culinary by Chef Darius from Four Season Hotel such as Gado-gado Jakarta, meat stew, coconut root cake, beer pletok, sumpia shrimp, banana chips, Betawi batik demo and Betawi arts mission.

"For artistic mission, beside perform at stand Jakarta, Betawi dance will also be shown in Indonesia pavilion (Ministry of Tourism) as well as Malaysia pavilion in order to celebrate the anniversary of ASEAN. We also commissioned Abang and None Jakarta as Tourism ambassador to help us promote our tourism, "says Linda Enriany, Head of Destinations and Marketing Division of Jakarta Government Tourism and Culture Office, who accompanied the Promotion delegation of Jakarta.

The industry in Jakarta booth also have been registered to receive virtual market, so they got on line for access to other industries, and sell directly. During the exhibition, all teams play a role to promote Jakarta. We also did a walking exhibiton to invite visitors to come to the booth Jakarta, still says Linda.

Indonesian Ambassador to Germany, Fauzi Bowo delivered his welcome speech that approximately 300 thousand Germans came to Indonesia in 2016. The development of infrastructure in Indonesia is a priority so I invite all investors to come to invest in Indonesia. Integrity is part of a way of life in Indonesia, said Fauzi Bowo.

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