Taman Puring Market

Amusement parks Puring not literally. Since 1960 exist in the past, Park Puring is a market. Over the years, this market could be a black market alias illegal goods market. Between 1980-1990an, this market is increasingly shunned public since become the center of the goods of a crime.

Since the fire in 2002, the market is slowly improving itself Puring Parks until now a favorite weekend shopping destination Jakarta residents.

There are hundreds of stalls ranging from men's shoes leather shoes, mountaineering shoes, futsal shoes, to shoes slang typical of young people. Various brands ranging from Adidas, Caterpillar, Nike, Karrimor, Vans, until Converse available in various models and colors.

Which makes this market attractive is the price of goods tilted. Caterpillar mountain boots, for example, priced at Rp 350,000 only. Original price could reach double!

Good quality leather shoes average for Rp 450,000. While the Adidas brand shoes average for Rp 200,000, and Converse shoes average of Rp 145,000.

Not only selling shoes but can also be found, handbags, sportswear, watches, as well as auto parts.
Prices are relatively cheap is because the goods sold is not genuine. Most of the goods sold here are KW, or quality below the original goods. However, good quality and of course homemade own country! Although dominated by special items man, this market also sells items for women. There are bags, shoes, to a variety of accessories such as bracelets, necklaces, and watches. Some stalls also sell shoes 'pretty' as flat shoes, wedges, high heels too.

Bid the Half Price

Some visitors also gave advice to bargain for half of the price given the proposed trader, unless the trader said "Prix Fixe" when asked the price. Some traders at the Pasar Taman Puring famous temperament is not good.

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