Rumah Baba

Restaurants with the concept, a la the Betawi people in the 1970s can be found between the Sudirman business district and Senopati. On the terrace of the restaurant, you can see antique motorcycles in the 1970s.

To reach your location either through the Senopati, South Jakarta. For those of you public transport users do not worry, many microbus or kopaja Blok M route through this area.

The waiter was no less interesting. They dress up in typical clothes Betawi. For her maid, for example, dress up like Bang Pitung. Betawi decorations and ornaments adorn the interior also house Baba.

The mainstay of this restaurant include veal marrow soup. You'll be surprised to find the waitress serving whole cow leg bones in a bowl and you will enjoy a way to suck the marrow from the bone directly. Yummy ...

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