La Na Thai

La Na means "many rice fields" in the Thai language, and it is also the name of an area in the northern part of Thailand. The romantic atmosphere thanks to the dimming of light at La Na Thai make this place perfect spot for dinner made with a partner. They provide menus Thailand and modern fusion. You could try Lemongrass Cocktail through their property that tastes like no other. Or it could be through the bite of Fish Cake dipped in coriander chutney sauce. Here you can also nyicipin Duck Curry or Lan Na Phed Gaeng Ped Yang is certainly a favorite of many visitors to La Na Thai. Manu is in the form of red curry with roasted duck, pineapple and cherry tomato. It felt quite spicy but still tasty. Oh yes, the location of La Na Thai is suitable also be a place you know berkuliner. Since this is located in Jakarta Face Bar & Restaurant, you can also stop by the Hazara on the 1st floor for tasting bread canainya, or go to the Face Bar to spend your evening.

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