Cafe Betawi

This cafe owners will stand on the love of Betawi foods that are rarely found. First established in 1992 in Pondok Indah Mall. With the development of the times, this cafe set up branches in the famous mall with the aim of offsetting the rise cafe or fast food restaurant from outside Indonesia.

The mainstay Kafe Betawi, among others: soto Betawi, foods with coconut milk and spices that contain meat, lung, tripe, kikil, crackers and chips as a supplement.

Besides soto Betawi, you can also find lontong cap go meh. Food adaptations of the country of China is made up of a pumpkin and chickpea curry sauce mixed with the taste combination of savory and spicy.

Oh yes, do not forget to taste the juice Betawi Kafe Betawi is a mainstay drinks. Consists of a mixture of coconut and tape coupled avocado blended mocha syrup.

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