Through the Writing Competition, Disparbud Hope Betawi Culture Go International
Author: Anggie Lianda Putri
Editor: Mirmo Saptono
The scientific writing competition with the theme of Betawi cultural values ​​held by the  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office was officially closed on Friday (6/28/2019) night.
Located at the Jakarta Provincial Government's Beautiful Miniature Park (TMII), the competition which won a total prize of Rp100 million was lively with the display of Betawi Si Pat Mo and Sirih Kuning dances with gambang kromong accompaniment.
Secretary of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Asiantoro attended the event.
He explained that this writing competition was an implementation of Regional Regulation No. 4 of 2015 concerning the preservation of Betawi culture and Governor Regulation No. 229 of 2016 concerning the preservation of Betawi culture.
"So hopefully the wider community can preserve a culture in this case the Betawi culture, because it is in accordance with the law as well," Asiantoro said on location on Friday (6/28/2019).
Not only that, Asiantoro said that so far the Betawi festival held by the DKI Jakarta Disparbud could become a 'rice barn' for art actors in the capital city.
"With the growth and development festival in Jakarta, it opens up opportunities or preserves the culture of the road, the perpetrators of their art are still able to wrestle in their fields," said Asiantoro.
While on the same occasion, Muhammad Kadir from the Cultural Values ​​Division of the DKI Jakarta Disparbud explained that from the five competing categories, there were several aspects in the judging team's judgments.
According to Asiantoro, which is more important in the systematics of writing, as well as culturally natural.
That way, the participants are expected to be able to increase their power and reasoning about the special culture of the Betawi culture.
"Expect from the friends who have won the championship so that they have more sense of meeting each other so that there are discussions discussing how to elevate Betawi Culture to a better level," said Kadir.
Now for participants whose works are the winners, the DKI Jakarta Disparbud will compete at the National level, even if it is possible to compete at international level.
But to reach this international level, the winners are still required to get guidance from the Jakarta Disparbud.
It is intended that the weaknesses and strengths of the work possessed by the participants can be evaluated in stages and can be carefully evaluated.
"Hopefully, these works can be brought at the national and international levels. So that the value of A can increase to A plus, if there is a higher competition we will participate," said Kadir.
"and the papers that we have given Insyaallah we will compile, we will be like a book from the river of spoils to be read or given by friends who have not read," he continued.
While one of the winners, Indriyani, from Tama Jagakarsa University said that if she could not believe she could become a winner in the race.
Because the point of view of the research taken by final year students was different from the other winners, namely the psychological point of view, which examined the child's motor psychology in the game of congklak.
Apart from that, Indiriyani hopes that her work can be a contribution to advance the academic world, especially the Betawi culture.
"Our writing can be reviewed to develop more of its ideas, the results of its research," Indriyani said.