Targeting 1,540 New Entrepreneurs Through the PKT targeting 1-1-540-wirausaha-baru-melalui-pkt/

Kastara.ID, Jakarta -  Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office targets as many as 1,540 new entrepreneurs to be realized through the Integrated Entrepreneurship Development Program (PKT) this year.
Based on the data obtained, until May 15, 2019 there were 1,133 participants who registered or were in stage P1. Then, as many as 939 participants participated in the training phase (P2), and 241 participants in the mentoring stage (P3).
Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture (Disparbud) Edy Junaedi said PKT participants were those who are engaged in tourism and culture such as studios, art actors, and crafts. In addition, Disparbud also has basic tasks and functions (tupoksi) in the field of culinary business services or food and beverages such as restaurants, catering and coffee shops.
"Our target is to provide assistance or facilitate so that the business people legally have permission," he said, Thursday (5/16).
Edy said, PKT participants will be included in activities and events held by the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Offce (Disparbud), both locally and nationally.
"We help with promotion and marketing, including in tourist attractions that we manage," he explained.
He added, art performers and studios who had attended training and mentoring could also perform at art festivals. So, besides adding experience, the possibility of offering a stage that can provide income for them is increasingly open.
"We have art festivals throughout the year, on protocol roads to the MRT bridge. When performing and there are those who are interested, they can order invitations to fill out events in other places, which brings profit, "he said. (hop)