His book Success, Frances Caitlin Launches a Cultural Village Site

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Edi Hardian, Journalist

JAKARTA - Young writer Frances Caitlin seems to really prove his concern about Betawi culture. After the book was written ondel-ondel, and succeeded in raising the issue of Betawi culture, Frances Caitlin went straight down to the field.

Frances Caitlin Tirtaguna finally took the initiative to create a website or website portal about PBB Setu Babakan.

Not without purpose, Frances Caitlin then explained the reason for making the Betawi Cultural Village Website.

"One of the reasons I made the Betawi Culture Village Website was because I realized that there were many people who did not know and knew the Setu Babakan Betawi Cultural Village," Frances Caitlin said recently.

Later, people are expected to be able to easily find complete information on Betawi Culture and Betawi Cultural Village. In addition, the site can facilitate tourists who want to visit the UN Setu Babakan location.
"The second time when I reset about Betawi Culture on the internet, there are still many that are incomplete or even wrong," continued Frances Caitlin.

The inauguration program was also enlivened by the performances of Rebana Biang and Blenggo and Gambus Dance performed by Betawi Artists, giving orphanage compensation and breaking fast together.

In addition, there were also Betawi Culture Bang Indra Sutisna, Bang Yahya Andi Saputra, Betawi Cultural Institute, and JIBANG Forum (Study and Development of Betawi Cultural Village), as well as Secretary of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Asiantoro.