This is the Preparation of South Jakarta Abnon Towards the Final Grand

A total of 29 South Jakarta Abang-None (Abnon) finalists made various preparations ahead of the Grand Final held on May 3, 2019.
Located in the Multipurpose Hall of the South Jakarta Mayor's Office, they were trained by mentors in the simulation of the Focus Group Discussion on Friday (04/12/2019).
Head of the Attraction and Promotion Section of the South Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office, Puka Yanuar, revealed that through training and training on a regular basis, it was hoped that Abnon would emerge with complete competence. "There are a number of trainings that we have conducted in the quarantine process. For example, public speaking training, arts and culture, etc.," Puka said on Friday (04/12/2019). Puka asked the serious finalists to take part in the training to enter the final night.
Because, Abnon competition in South Jakarta is very competitive. "We appreciate these finalists who have passed a series of selections. From the initial 411 participants, now leaving 29 participants, "he said. Meanwhile, Head of the Department of Tourism and Culture of South Jakarta, Imron Yunus, targets representatives of abnon from South Jakarta to win the provincial non-election election in  Jakarta. "Last year, None of South Jakarta won first place. "This year the target is to sweep Abang and  None to become champions," hoped Imron.
Imron hopes that later Abnon South Jakarta will be able to become an ambassador in promoting tourism in Jakarta, including art, culture, the  Jakarta Provincial Government program, and efforts to build the character of young people and children in South Jakarta. "So, it's not just a display on a ceremonial event. We hope that Abnon can truly play an active role not only in the tourism sector, but also participate in socializing government programs, as well as participating in building a dignified millennial generation, "said Imron.

A total of 29 finalists were divided into two groups. Each finalist is required to provide responses and views according to the analysis and viewpoints on the topic of the General Election and controversy over lifetime pensions for DPR members.
Meanwhile, the two person in charge (PIC) who were the previous Abnon, Non Aulia Yolam Riwinda (Non Lia) and Abang Dwi Graha Pangestu (Bang Aga), seriously paid attention to the activity of the finalists in giving their views. "The purpose of this training is to sharpen the sharpness of the analysis and explore the views of the finalists in addressing the latest issues. "They are required to have broad insight and be able to respond to issues smartly," Bang Aga said.
Later, the ability to analyze this problem is very useful when Abnon are faced with their duties both when they become tourism ambassadors and ambassadors to socialize programs of the Provincial Government of  Jakarta and the Government of the City of South Jakarta.
Author: Feryanto Hadi
Editor: Agus Himawan