Support Ciliwung as a tourism object, students and residents are involved
JAKARTA - To support the achievement of Ciliwung River as a tourist attraction, the South Jakarta City Office of Tourism and Culture invites students and communities along the Ciliwung River.
The tracking was carried out starting from the Ciliwung River School, Jagakarsa District, to Jalan MT Haryono, Pancoran Sub-District, Wednesday (04/24/2019).
Head of the South Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office Imron Yunus said. this activity was carried out in the context of developing the tourism sector on the outskirts of the Ciliwung River. In addition, to see which spots can become tourism destinations on the Ciliwung River to be developed.
"Later, the tourism spot will become one of the tourist destinations in South Jakarta and also the  Jakarta Province, which can be offered to both local and foreign communities. For that we hope that community support can hopefully be realized in 2020, "said Imron Yunis.
According to him, the concept of tourism development is one of them by conducting a Ciliwung river exploration from Srengseng Sawah to Lenteng Agung for about 1.5 km. Even this concept was made on World Water Day, and the enthusiasm of the people.
Imron also added, even though the concept has been formed, there needs to be a number of studies carried out, including measurements of river flow, the level of security and plans to incorporate the concept of ecotourism with the promotion of art and culture.
"Here must be considered, namely the problem of vulnerability to disaster. So, you have to think carefully about the level of security. If  in a normal flow situation I think it can already be done. Then, we will also engage the community around the river in order to empower the economy of the people, "he explained.
Meanwhile Chairman of the Ciliwung Care Society (Mat Peci) Usman Firdauz admitted that he strongly supported the program to make Ciliwung times a tourist attraction. If this has been realized, he believes that this time will be clean and the community will not throw garbage at times again.
"We hope that this program will be easy to go according to plan. In this way, of course, public awareness of the existence of times will grow so that in the future there will no longer be residents who dispose of garbage in the river, "explained Usman Firdauz. (wandi / win)