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Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta Selatan

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Pulau Elegi
Date  : 20 April 2019
Place : Ciputra Artpreneur Jakarta Selatan
Time  :-1st Show (15.00 - Finished)
           -2nd Show (19.00 - Finished)
‚ÄčA trading company from the Queendom of Noira had been keeping an eye for Feitane, a tropical island known for its prized commodities. 
An armada of merchants and soldiers was thus sent, and they set up a lucrative colony with a diplomatic gesture: Tamya, the daughter of the colonial governor, got engaged to Leilei, the son of a local matriarch. Tamya and Leilei, having been ocean-separated lovebirds since they'd first met some five years earlier, rejoiced at the news of their forthcoming reunion.
Yet the progressives of Feitane questioned the Noirese presence.
A cocoa farmer stole the spotlight by spreading pamphlets of skepticism.
Her claims: the company was there only to exploit the island through monopoly, and that sweetheart Tamya was a mere pawn of the foreign queen's imperial scheme.
The couple's faith was tested as diplomacy between the two cultures failed. One musket shot, one tactless word, one simple error could spell conflict.  Now who was to be blamed?
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