North Jakarta Abnon Must Become a Model of the Millennial Generation

The North Jakarta Pariwista Service and Culture Tribe held the 2019 North Jakarta Abnon (Abnon) Friendship Night, at the Pasar Seni, Taman Impian Jaya Ancol, Pademangan, North Jakarta.
The event was the venue for the introduction of North Jakarta Abnon contestants across generations. North Jakarta's Abnon Contestant in 2019 is expected to be a role model for the millennial generation. Not only that, they are also expected to preserve Betawi culture in particular.
Deputy Mayor of North Jakarta, Ali Maulana Hakim, said that North Jakarta's Abnon must be a role model for the millennial generation. Besides that they also have to take part in preserving Betawi culture which is part of Indonesian culture. "There is a message that Abnon must now be a role model for the young and millennial generation. To be able to love Betawi culture, where Betawi culture is one of the cultural riches in Indonesia, "Ali said.
Ali added, it is not impossible for North Jakarta Abnon to bring Betawi culture to the international level. It's just that it can all be realized by becoming a winner at the Jakarta Abnon level. "The hope is the North Jakarta representative, the best. Moreover, according to the theme 'starting from North Jakarta', I think Abnon we must be the best, "continued Ali.
Deputy Mayor of North Jakarta, Ali Maulana Hakim, said the 2019 Abnon Familiarity Night program was epic and interesting. Not forgetting the elements of Betawi culture were also included in the series of events. "Of course we appreciate all parties who helped support this event. Both the committee, the Parbud Sub-Department (Tourism and Culture), and the North Jakarta Abnon Association, "Ali said.
Ali stressed that the quality of each Abnon must be improved compared to before. One of the points is how to master the introduction of Betawi culture and the superior programs of the Jakarta Provincial Government, especially the North Jakarta City Government. "Abnon must know the institutions and programs of North Jakarta Government and Jakarta City so that later they can introduce excellent programs to the community," Ali said.
The program was packed with thick Betawi culture ranging from stage decor, atmosphere, culinary to a number of fashion show clothing models, one of which was wearing Marunda's typical batik.
The Acting Head of North Jakarta Tourism and Culture Office, Cucu Kurnia, said that the Familiar Night event was held so that there is a close relationship between North Abnon between generations. and each of their parents. "The point is to get to know each other. Our show for us. Not only 2019 Abnon contestants, but also present in this event Abnon class of 1985, "he said, Friday (04/12/2019).
Cucu said that currently there are 15 pairs of North Jakarta Abnon contestants who are entering the stage of coaching. "So they have been given a briefing and training material for the Grand Final Night later. The winner will be chosen, where the top three will be sent to the provincial level, "he said. The Grand Final Night will be held at ABC Mall, Ancol Impian Jaya Park, Pademangan, North Jakarta on Thursday (25/4). Later the top three winners will be sent to attend the Jakarta Provincial Abnon event 2019.
Author: Junianto Hamonangan
Editor: Agus Himawan