Nightly Entertainment Disobedience Rules, Business Licenses will be Revoked 
By: Suandri Ansah, Jakarta- Tightening supervision of night entertainment business, Jakarta Provincial Government (Pemprov) continues. This was done according to the commitment of Governor Anies Baswedan, fighting drugs, prostitution and gambling. Some time ago, the Jakarta Provincial Government revoked the PT Progres Karya Sejahtera Tourism Business Registration (TDUP) owner of the "Old City" business brand. Revocation was stated in the Decree of the Head of  Jakarta Province DPMPTSP Number 15 of 2019.
The Head of the One Stop Integrated Services and Investment Service (DMPTSP), Benni Aguscandra, said that the revocation was carried out in accordance with Governor Regulation Number 47 of 2017, concerning the Guidelines for Implementing One-Stop Integrated Services.
"On the basis of recommendations from the Jakarta City Government  Tourism and Culture (Disparbud)," Benni said, in his electronic message to, Tuesday (9/4).
Revocation of permits is a follow-up of supervision, control and evaluation of permits and non-permits conducted by Technical SKPD and examining institutions.
The business owner is proven to violate the Governor Regulation No. 18 of 2018 concerning the Implementation of Tourism Business. This includes serious violations. The provincial government prohibits its owners from establishing similar entertainment tourism businesses.
"We remind the entrepreneurs to keep their place not to be used as a place for drug use or circulation, prostitution and gambling," Benni said.
In addition to narcotics violations, a similar ban is also imposed on employers and management of tourism companies that are subject to sanctions for revocation due to prostitution and gambling.
Entrepreneurs and management of tourism companies that have been revoked for TDUP licenses due to narcotics violations, prostitution and automatic gambling are blacklisted in the DKI Jakarta Province DPMPTSP licensing system. (* / Dry / Taf / INI-Network)