Dispar Explanation Regarding Critics' Comments on Tourism Objects Jakarta

Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office responded to a statement from the Minister of National Development Planning (PPN) / Head of National Development Planning Agency Bambang Brodjonegoro who mentioned that he had not seen tourism objects in Jakarta.
Head of Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud), Edy Junaedi, denied that tourism objects in Jakarta had not been seen. According to Edy, Jakarta currently has 16 tourism objects that have quite high visitors or tourists.

The 16 attractions include the Textile Museum, Puppet Museum, Fine Arts and Ceramics Museum, Jakarta History Museum, Taman Prasasti Museum and 45 Djoang Museum and Husni Thamrin Museum. "There is also the Maritime Museum, Si Pitung House, Pulau Onrust Archaeological Park, National Monument (Monas),  Graha Wisata and Jakarta Pavilion, Thousand Islands, Betawi Cultural, Village, Planetarium, Ragunan Wildlife Park and Jaya Ancol Dream Park," he explained to KedaiPena .Com, written Friday (4/12/2019).

Edy explained that the 16 tourist attractions were quite an attraction for tourists to come. This can be seen from the number of tourists visiting Jakarta in 2018. "The first real thing about tourist visits in Jakarta last year was that around 2.8 million people were the second largest after Bali," Edy said. Edy also denied that Jakarta's tourism objects were not the economic driver of the capital city. Edy said that tourism objects in Jakarta have had a significant impact on PAD. "Last year's hotel and entertainment tax realization was Rp. 5.7 trillion. That's almost 20 percent of  Jakarta PAD, "he added.

Edy revealed that his party would also develop other tourism objects in the future. There are, a number of ecotourism objects that will be developed by the Jakarta provincial government. "The forerunner of new potential already exists, such as the Pesanggrahan City Forest and the Ciliwung River Channel. "We have to improve the amenities, comfort and attractions," he said. Edy also targets the growth of the number of tourism objects in Jakarta from 16 to 25 this year. While, still maintaining the quality of 16 existing tourism objects. "We are trying again to make the pattern. Hopefully this year we can move because the budget for art and culture is quite a lot," Edy concluded.

It is known, Minister of National Development Planning (PPN) / Head of National Development Planning Agency Bambang Brodjonegoro asked the  Jakarta Provincial Government to push the tourism sector as the driving force of the economy. Bambang compared Jakarta with the Thai capital, Bangkok. What distinguishes the two national capitals is tourism, according to Bambang, the movement of tourism in Jakarta has not been maximized.

By Damai Mendrofa
Report: Muhammad Hafidh