Anies Issues Governor Regulation about River Naturalization issued-pergub-soal-naturalisasi-sungai-dly8.
Reporter: Hendra Friana
Author   : Hendra Friana
Editor    : Nur Hidayah Perwitasari -  Governor of Jakarta Anies Baswedan issued Governor Regulation number 31 of 2019 concerning the Development and Revitalization of Water Resources (SDA) Infrastructure in an Integrated manner with the Naturalization Concept.
The regulation signed on March 25, 2019 specifically mandated the Jakarta Water Resources Department to carry out the concept of river naturalization by build a green open space (RTH) and determining river border lines.
Naturalization of the river, in that regulation, is referred to as the management of water resources infrastructure through the concept of developing green open space and still paying attention to capacity, flood control and conservation functions.
The procurement of RTH is funded through the APBD or through other sources. While for waste management and monitoring of water quality, the sources of funds are specifically allocated through the Jakarta environmental service.
In accordance with the concept of naturalization carried out by the Jakarta Provincial Government, future green open space in DKI Jakarta will function as a retarding basin.
In addition, the naturalization of the river will also pay attention to aspects of water and sanitation resource management which include the management of domestic and industrial wastewater in the naturalized infrastructure area.
In the regulation, Anies also regulated the matter of providing public infrastructure and facilities which included the provision of access roads; safety fence; bridge; dock; lighting; and / or infrastructure and other public facilities.
Related to the costs for carrying out activities that include aspects of community empowerment are charged through the Budget Implementation Document (DPA) of the Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office, Cooperative Office, Small and Medium Enterprises and Trade, Empowerment Service, Child Protection and Population Control and Local Village in accordance with their respective duties and functions -one.