Access to Visitors to the Old City Arranged, Now You Can Pass Big Times
Jakarta - The Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office conducts access arrangements for tourists going to Fatahillah Park or the Old City area. There are several entrances that can be accessed by visitors, one of which is integrated with Kali Besar.
"Arranging this access to make it easier for visitors," said Jakarta Capital City Head of Education and Culture Edy Junaedi in his statement to AFP on Wednesday (04/24/2019).
Revitalization of Kali Besar zone 1 is an attraction for tourists. So, Jakarta City Government Tourism and Culture Office (Disparbud) prepares the path so that visitors to the Old City can also enjoy tourism in Kali Besar.
"To facilitate the mobility of residents from Taman Fatahillah to the big time, the flow has been prepared," he continued.
There are several tourist attractions in the Old City area such as the History of Jakarta museum, Wayang museum, Bank Indonesia museum, Fine Arts and Ceramics museum, and Red Shop. In 2018, there were 1,376,122 people visiting the Old City area.
With the arrangement of lanes it is hoped that it will increase visits to Kali Besar. So far, the focus of visitors to the Old City area is only Taman Fatahillah, even though if you look at the history of the Old City area, it includes Tamansari, Pinangsia, Glodok, Tambora and Penjaringan.
The entrance to Fatahillah Park from Kali Besar via the Pekojan passageway is an integration between Kali Besar and the Kota Tua area, while the exit from Taman Fatahillah to Kali Besar can be through the Jayakarta aisle. This access arrangement was tested for 2 weeks since Monday (4/22).
Following are the settings for the entrance and exit doors for visitors:
The Fatahillah Park Entrance is in:
1. Chinatown Hall, direction from Jalan Pintu Besar / Museum Bank Indonesia.
2. Batavia Hallway, direction from Jasindo Building / Clove Park.
3. Pekojan Hallway, direction from Kali Besar Timur.
The Exit of Fatahillah Park is at:
1. Fatahillah hallway, direction to Jakarta Kota Station /  Lada street.
2. Jayakarta hallway, direction to Kalibesar / Bank Mega.
3. Intan City Hallway, direction to Aroma Nusantara / Kota Intan Bridge.
4. Sunda Kelapa hallway, direction to immigration / Kunir street.