Untung Jawa Island Has Three-dimensional Colorful Mural

A three-dimensional colorful mural is built in the sports field RT 03/03, Untung Jawa Island Urban Village, South Thousand Islands. 
Robin, a citizen of RT 03/03 Untung Island Urban Village expressed that it is made with theme of the scenery and beauty of the beach.  "We make it to attract more tourists on Untung Jawa Island," he expressed, Thursday (3/21).
To realize it, Untung Jawa Island Urban Village Head, Supriyadi prepared 50 cans of wall paint and 15 kilograms oil paint. "The beauty theme was chosen, as it's good location to see the sunrise," he told.
Reporter : Suparni | Editor : Nugroho Adibrata | Beritajakarta.id