AMI DKI and Formulation of Proclamation Manuscript Museum held Monthly Meeting.

Jakarta Museum Association of Indonesia (AMI) in cooperation with Formulation of Proclamation Manuscript Museum held monthly meeting on Jl Imam Bonjol No 1, Central Jakarta, Wednesday (4/4). In this meeting the managers of the museum discusses the Implementation of Digital Technology in the Museum.
Chairman of AMI DKI Jakarta, Yiyok Trio Herlambang said the majority of visitors to the museum is a young generation who are familiar with smartphones. In addition, this younger generation is also a social media addict who love selfies. "For that required a touch of the latest technology to attract more visitors to the museum, one of SIJI applications," he said, Wednesday (4/4). Yiyok explained, to apply the application in the museum his side in cooperation with Telkom Indonesia.
This free downloadable app on the Google Play Store is a Augmented Reality technology-based device, where the smartphone will function as a custom-marked collection or display scanner. The scans will appear on the smartphone screen into motion animations or movie trailers related to events around the proclamation. Other contemporary technology applied in the Museum of Formulation of Proclamation Manuscript is a digital museum app, called "Proxio" or Audio Proclamation. "These technologies become one of the new ways to enjoy museum collections," he said.
Source: F. Ekodhanto Purba / Wuri Setyaningsih /