Creativity of City Tourism Event Needs to Be Improved

(Foto : Jhon Syah Putra Kaban /

Syarifuddin, a Member of City Council Commission B disclosed that efficient budgeting can distinguish priority programs and which are not. Creativity needs to be improved in order to promote tourism in Jakarta.

"Do not all for reasons of efficiency, that is by removing a lot of good programs. If this is nice, the budget can be added, it does not matter," he expressed, during commission B meeting along with City Tourism and Culture Dept about application of General Policy for City Budget Priorities and the Tentative Budget Platform (KUA-PPAS), Thursday (8/25).

He cited such as batik program, can be done in elementary school to introduce Betawi batik. Many similar programs could be done because the needs of tourism has become a major requirement in the city.

"About socialization problem, we can ask the governor for a circular letter to all the theaters so that our tourism content is displayed, in foreign countries too," he disclosed.

He continued the needs of high tourism in Jakarta should glow as before. Because there is quite a lot of tourism agenda outside the city that could attract domestic and foreign tourists.

"So be creative to create a festive event, the budget will follow, as long as its use is clear," he finished.

Reported by Jhon Syah Putra Kaban | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

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