IDPFEST 2019 Indonesia Drum and Percussion Festival


Gedung Teater Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki 

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Indonesia Drum and Percussion Festival 2019
Percussion music is basically any object that can produce sound using a tool / instrument that is beaten / beaten / moved / shaken / shaken / stirred / struck or in any way that can make vibrations on the object. Percussion instruments using hands / feet or with the help of other beaters that can cause sounds, rhythms, close strains with a local cultural ritual, rich in life values in it. The percussion instruments were used for generations, generation after generation, until now it has become one of the first instrumental instruments ever created by humans. Every sound or tone produced from the percussion instrument always follows the development of music in the world with each uniqueness. In the world of modern music it is often found that large ensembles in the whole instrument are percussion instruments. Rhythmic melodies to harmony, all live and unite in an amazingly amazing performance.
Information disclosure in the digital era has led to future generations born through technological familiarity, they are able to create reliable resources to empower percussion tools from the culture inherent in their lives. The wealth of percussion culture as IDPFEST's goal enhances the potential of the millennial generation to promote 'Percussion cultural identity' as a 'symbol' of the preservation of the assets of this great nation. In addition, support from legendary Drum and Percussion music artists as well as industry players is needed to regenerate the values and principles of life through indigenous Indonesian culture.
Music is the product of copyrighted works, social norms, and manners that are identical to the values that live in a particular society. Through strengthening identity it becomes an investment in developing a nation's civilization. This is where the need for discourse, concern, plans and concrete actions to appreciate, facilitate, data collection, documentation, development and introduction related to the perpetrators of art, drum / percussion instruments with artists / drummers and percussionists, communities and community leaders, print media and electronics, Indonesian companies / entrepreneurs and State Organizing Agencies and their supporting elements
Beginning in 1993, the idea of a concept accompanied by long research is contained in IDPFEST's annual activities to appreciate modern / traditional Indonesian Drum and Percussion in order to build the next generation of healthy, creative, intelligent, uplifting, solid, and optimistic characters in developing their respective regional potential .
Through the IDPFEST forum, it consists of a number of community members / community of music lovers, artists and music industry, drummers, percussionists, musicians, cultural figures, schools / music studios and the wider community who care about data collection, documentation, preservation, development and introduction of Indonesian Musical Instruments. the short and long term mission of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia.
         Place: Jakarta Theater, Taman Ismail Marzuki
         Date: 28 - 31 March 2019
         Time: 09.00 am- 11.00 pm 
         Awaited  n 'FREE ENTRY'