This is the Organization Structure of Jakarta Tourism and Culture :

a. Head Division

b. Secretariat Field :

1. Sub division of Public

2. Sub division of Employment Affair

3. Sub division of Program and Budgeting

4. Sub division of Finance

c. Assessment and Development Field :

1. Product Section

2. Market Analysis Section

3. Regulation Section

d. Culture Resource Field :

1. Culture, History and Museum Heritage Section

2. Art and Film Section

3. Culture Tradition and Religion Section

e. Tourism Industry Field :

1. Entertainment and Recreation Section

2. Accommodation and Restaurant Section

3. Tourism Service Business Section

f. Destination Attraction management Field :

1. Arts Performance Attraction Section

2. Fine Art and Design Attraction Section

3. Recording Media Attraction Section

g. Infrastructure and Facility Field :

1. Infrastructure Section

2. Facility Section

3. Environment Regulation Section

h. Marketing Field :

1. Domestic Promotion Section

2. Overseas Promotion Section

3. Partnership Marketing Section

i. City Tourism and Culture Department

j. District Tourism and Culture Department

k. Sub division Culrural Executor Unit

l. Functional Staff

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