This metropolitan city has a wide range of great golf courses ideal for just that.

This is the place to hob-nob with Jakarta’s elite while having a wonderful and relaxing round of golf.

Most of Jakarta’s Golf Courses have been designed by internationally acclaimed architects and professionals golfers like Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman, Rober Trent Jones Jr. and more. Jakarta has also hosted a number of prestigious Golf Tournaments, including the recently CIMB-Niaga Golf Professional Championship held at the Royale Golf Cours. 

Jakarta’s Golf scene offers challenging courses that are easily accessed, extend superb hospitality, services and facilities, and best of all are highly enjoyable at a reasonable prices. A number of best courses are located just outside the administrative province of Jakarta in the Greater Jakarta region, but since these normally offer grand scenic mountainous vistas, distance to reach them should not deter you, especially when you start in the fresh morning hours.

For the ladies, since time immemorial, princesses and ladies
 of the courts in the ancient kingdoms on Java have been pampered with luxurious massages and aromatic body treatments to keep themselves beautiful and attractive at all times.

They showered in invigorating springwater fresh from the mountains or in pools filled with scented water. Additionally, to keep their inner wellness and youthfulness they drank special concocted herbal drinks made of handpicked choice leaves and roots. These special Indonesian herbs for inner health and outer beauty are known as “jamu”, which are for different purposes, to cleanse the skin, to brighten the eyes, to keep the body slim and a lot more.

Today, pioneers in Indonesian cosmetics among whom Mooryati Soedibyo herself a princess from the royal court of Solo, and Martha Tillaar have both modernized the age-old beauty treatment and jamu into modern cosmetics through meticulous pharmaceutical research and production. Both their product lines are today among best sellers on the counters and in Spas and salons. Both Martha Tilaar and Mooryati Soedibyo have also pioneered the Spa and Wellness programs in Indonesia, giving visitors the same luxurious treatment as in palaces of old, but with professional staff who adhere to international standard requirements.

Now in Jakarta, besides the Martha Tilaar Spas and the Taman Sari Royal Heritage Spas a host of other Spas brighten up the city scene, including in five star hotels 
and upmarket malls, which offer similar treatments, some providing the Indonesian lulur and the Indonesian massage, others have gone international with hydrotheraphy, Swedish Spa, or with Shiatsu, gym and others. All in beautiful soothing surroundings.

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