When the sun sets over the city, which in the tropics comes regularly around 6.0 pm - and the working day comes to a close, a different world comes to life in Jakarta.

As the millions of professionals and workers stream out of the tall highrise buildings, many do not go home directly but prefer to hang out with friends and enjoy each other’s company while waiting out the worst peak traffic time. 

This is when Jakarta’s cafes, restaurants, karaokes, cinemas and way-side food streets fill up with hungry crowds looking for food, fun and entertainment to unwind from the daily grind. For where to dine and list of the many different restaurants and food streets offering both Indonesian and international cuisine, check our Culinary Attractions and as the night proceeds, elegant dinner shows, concerts, music clubs and lounges continue to entertain until the wee hours of the morning, when the first vendors start to bring their wear to market even before the break of dawn. (For where to go for concerts, gigs, cultural performances, check our list of Concerts and Theaters venues).

Some of the best hangouts can be found in luxurious hotels as Lowey at the Oakwood, Burgundy at the Grand Hyatt, or in malls such as the Red Square and Black Cat at Plaza Senayan. Among popular Nightclubs and Discos are the Immigrant, Illegals and the Stadium Jakarta at Jalan Hayam Wuruk and more on the road to Glodok Chinatown.  There are also karaoke lounges for the family and friends to sing the night away,while for those looking for a good movie can watch favorite stars in plus cinema, mostly found within malls

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