Theatrical Concert

“BABE, Muka Kampung Rejeki Kota”


Many stories about the legendary Betawi character Benyamin Sueb, but no one has ever raised the biography of Benjamin Sueb on stage. For the first time Teater Abang None Jakarta will hold a performance with a Theatrical Concert format about the life journey of a Benjamin Sueb in the title “BABE – MUKA KAMPUNG REJEKI KOTA”.


Benyamin Sueb is not just a name. He is a multi-talented artist who is echoed by his humor. We know many of the satirical quarrels that this man who was born in Kemayoran March 5, 1939, but became familiar and unpretentious in our daily lives, call it “Muke Lu Jauh”, “Kingkong Lu Lawan”, “Makdikipe” and many more.


In 2005 Ludhy Cahyana and Muhlis Suhaeri wrote biographies about the life journey of Benjamin Sueb titled “Muka Kampung Rezeki Kota”. Through this biography, Maudy Koesnaedi was inspired to produce a performance of Benjamin Sueb with a different concept as a form of appreciation to the legend who died in Jakarta on September 5, 1995. "The idea of adding the title BABE as the title in this show, because during his life he is familiarly called Babe who is also a father figure for us all. Babe is an artist who inspires people, especially Betawi. Babe's antics often remind us to keep the spirit and cheerful. This theatrical concert is the choice of the performance format to 10 Abang None Jakarta Theater, to commemorate the Babe figure in another way, "said Maudy Koesnaedi.


Held in two days of performances, 15 and 16 September 2017 At 19.30 at Graha Bakti Budaya, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Ifa Fachir as a Music Designer has re-arranged over 30 popular songs to accompany this irreplaceable artist's journey. In preparing for theatrical concert, Ifa says, "The BABE show is my first comedy-themed musical performance. I must say that working and reworking the great works of Benyamin S, is a very interesting learning process and certainly fun for me. To complete this musical, and as a token of my appreciation to Babe Benyamin, I created two songs with Simhala Avadana titled ‘Karya Untukmu’, and ‘Muka Kampung Rejeki Kota’ whose song lyrics are inspired by the titles of Benjamin's songs. "


The theatrical concert is enlivened with Tommy Tjokro, Indra Bekti, Imam Wibowo, Ayumi Astriani, Astry Ovie and other Jakarta fans. Delivering the Abang None Jakarta Theater to perform at this performance, Agus Noor as Director of the show said, "Benyamin Sueb is known for his spontaneous and populist humor, as if inviting us to live with joy. This show I think is not to remember, but to celebrate the return of Benjamin Sueb with the traces of the joy he once inherited. "


About Abang None Theater


Abang None Theater is a community-based non-profit organization engaged in arts and culture, especially Betawi cultural performing arts, whose members come from alumni and those who serve as Abang None Jakarta.This theater stands on the initiative of Maudy Koesnaedi (None Jakarta 1993) as a form of contribution and effort in preserving Betawi culture, as well as a means to motivate and give opportunity to Abang None Jakarta participate in the effort. At first, this theater only consists of Abang None North Jakarta, and managed to make a staging held in 2009 titled “Cinta Dasima”, “Doel: Antara Roti Buaya and Burung Merpati, Kembang Parung Nunggu Dipetik” in 2010 and “Sangkala 9/10” in 2011. Year 2013 production to-4, TAbang None Jakarta theater performed the show entitled "Soekma Djaja". At the end of 2015, ABNON Theater again held a Betawi theater show titled JAWARA! Langgam Hati dari Marunda. Seeing the high public interest, as well as the potential and interest that is also owned by Abang None other areas, then in the end this theater is open to all areas in Jakarta, thus formed Theater Abang None. Abang None Jakarta Theater tries again to repeat the success by producing the show Theatrical Concert BABE Muka Kampung Rejeki Kota. More information can access


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Muka Kampung Rejeki Kota, cuma Babe yang bisa bikin ketawa.