The female general Hwan Lie Hoa, was appointed King Li Ti to become Commander of the Tang Troop War to defeat General Souw Po Tong and conquer the West Tartar. Some extraordinary generals helped him. There's her husband, Sie Teng San. Cin Han who can fly and be able to infiltrate into the earth. Touw It Houw who was able to escape into the ground. There are also four female generals, Touw Siang Tong, Tiauw Giat Go, Sie Kim Lian and Tan Kim Teng.

What Hwan Lie Hoa and his fight against are the stealth. The Evil Gods also helped the West Tartars. But the Good Gods help the Tang Forces. The two forces is fought, both in space and on land. Can the West Tartar be conquered?

Sie Jin Kwie, Against the Western Demon, is an impossible plot. And that happened hundreds of years ago. Perhaps, the one we are now fighting is stealth as well. Is it true that what we are fighting now is stealth? Are they true stealth?



150th Production

SIE JIN KWIE - Melawan Siluman Barat

Roman Karya : Lokoanchung dan Tiokengjian

Saduran dan Sutradara : N. Riantiarno

10 s / d 19 November 2017
Graha Bhakti Budaya - TIM
Monday to Saturday (7:30 pm)
Sunday (13:30 pm)