With the large influx of peoples from across Indonesia since Independence, the indigenous Betawi have retreated to outlying areas, mostly to West and South Jakarta.

A Special Betawi Cultural Village covering 289 hectares has been set aside at Setu Babakan, where visitors can see and stroll through the village that has retained its original Betawi architecture and layout. Regular cultural performances are shown every Sunday from 2 pm to 4 pm, or dance training sessions of Betawi dances that include Sirih Kuning, Lenggang Nyai and others held each Sunday, Friday and Wednesdays.

Every July a special Betawi Cultural Festival is held here that include wedding ceremonies, circumcision ceremonies, seven-months’ pregnancy rites, and more.

Visitors can also go fishing while enjoying the local cuisine and desserts at the various stalls and restaurants.

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  • Setu Babakan Zona A, Jakarta

    Betawi Fashion Week 2016
    Tanggal :
    14 – 17 September 2016
    Tempat : Setu Babakan Zona A, Jakarta

    Konten Event :

    • Bazaar Makanan
    • Lelang Barang Bekas
    • Kuliner
    • Layar Tancep
    • Lenong
    • Lomba Adu Bacot
    • Lomba Pantun

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