(Photo : Suparni / Beritajakarta.com)

Seribu Islands Regency Administration will temporarily close the tourism sites in Harapan Island, North Jakarta Islands during Ramadhan.

"The policy is taken in accordance with a meeting between resident and public figure. On that occasion, we will close tourism sites up to 5 days before Eid ul Fitr," said Head of North Jakarta Seribu Islands Sub-district, Agus Setiawan, Friday (6/3).

According to him, it is intended to give opportunity for Harapan Island residents to run the fasting fervently. 

He added, such policy only applies in Harapan Island, but not in some islands such as Pramuka, Kelapa and other islands that spread South Seribu Islands.

Reporter : Suparni | Translated by : Nugroho Adibrata

Source : http://www.beritajakarta.com/en/