Ragunan Zoo (TMR) management keeps improving the welfare and comfort of the animals. One of them is by imposing the day off for wildlife every Monday. Its plan will begin in upcoming February.

"Such policy will be imposed every Monday, which falls on February 3, 2014," said Wahyu Bambang, Head of Ragunan Zoo Public Relation, Tuesday (1/28).

Bambang said it aims to improve the welfare and comfort of the animals in the zoo. With a quiet atmosphere, the animal could feel more natural atmosphere.

"All this time, there has never been a animals holiday. During day off, Ragunan Zoo management will also use this moment to do improvements and create a better wildlife management," he stated.

As for animals, he furthered, remained in the cage. Yet it would be made more natural atmosphere. "If the day off for wildlife coincides with a national holiday, its policy is to replace the day off in the next day," he explained.

Bambang added, his side hopes the visitors can understand the condition, because it aims to improve the quality of Ragunan Zoo. "We`ve been socialized this matter, thus visitors are not surprised later. It`s positive, I`m sure they will support us," he exclaimed.

In Ragunan Zoo, there are 4 types of animal such as mammal, bird, reptile, and pisces. There are more than 200 kinds of animals with a total of 1,900.

source: beritajakarta.com