Located at Pasar Minggu in South Jakarta, the Ragunan Zoo is a favorite attraction for the entire family especially during weekends and school holidays. Covering an area of 140 hectares, the Ragunan Zoo has a collection of 295 species of animals, including Indonesia’s own famous Komodo dragons.

Major attraction in the Ragunan Zoo is the Schmutzer Primate Center that houses African Gorillas. Living in this open park are also orangutans from Borneo, the Owa Java, the siamang, macaques, as well as chimpanzees. In addition to recreation, the Schmutzer Primate Center was moreover built for research and educational purposes.

Children and adults just love the elephant, camel and pony rides and watch the animal shows to get close to formidable and cute animals and birds.

Important Information

South Jakarta
(021) 7820015, 789015, 7806975
Jl. R.M. Harsono No. 1, Ragunan, South Jakarta

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