(Foto : Jhon Syah Putra Kaban / Beritajakarta.com)

Jakarta Dept. of City Park and Cemetery will launch the construction of Pandang Istana Park at Jalan Medan Merdeka Utara, Gambir, Central Jakarta, Saturday (7/30).

The park in front of State Palace will be used citizens spending their time while giving their aspiration.

“It will be launched tomorrow. The physical development has been done by Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) side,” said Yuswardi, Head Division of Community Role for Jakarta Dept. of City Park and Cemetery, Friday (7/29).

According to him, the park was named as Aspiration park. In fact, the park use is not only for delivering aspiration, but also enjoying the view.

“Park’s philosophy is simple. The park is facing the State Palace,” he closed.

Reported by Jhon Syah Putra Kaban | Translated by Rizky Mawardi

Source : http://www.beritajakarta.com/en/