This museum originated from the wishes of Harry Darsono since childhood to create a museum containing a collection of his personal design. One of the top fashion designers in Indonesia has managed to realize the dream of his childhood, by building the Harry Darsono Museum.

Located in Cilandak area, South Jakarta, precisely behind Cilandak Town Square, Harry Darsono Museum offers a design that has been made since 1970 until today. The visitors can also enjoy the architecture of the museum built a palace and castle in Europe.

Harry Darsono Museum is slightly different from other museums in Jakarta because it can be categorized as a fashion museum. Its own existence is quite rare in Indonesia, as quoted GoIndonesia.

At Harry Darsono Museum, you can see his phenomenal works, from a wide variety of works, especially those related to fashion design, accessories, interior decoration as a setting where his creations can be worn in an elegant. Harry's dresses have been known as a classy design, haute couture or couture, and contemporary remains elegant.

In addition, you can see the various works since 1970, even those who went international. Call it his adibusananya work, art to wear collections, contemporary stage costumes ever displayed for performances of Shakespeare's works, such as Hamlet & Othello ever displayed in Woodbridge, Suffolk, England (1980), and Julius Caesar in Jakarta (1997) Stunning in one corner of the room bathed in crystal light.

There are also couture dresses, such as clothes and wedding dress with pure gold embroidered ever ordered by the ladies of the world nobility. You'll see a special draft for Lady Diana she made in 1980 and draft for Queen Rania, Queen of Jordan.