In 1998 the house in Jalan Raya Keuangan No. 19 West Cilandak South Jakarta handed over to the Government of the Republic of Indonesia through the Directorate General of Culture cq. Directorate of the museum. The building houses two floors covering an area of + - 600 + m2 and land area - 450 m2. The house was later remodeled to be used as a museum. On May 25 September 2001 Museum Basoeki Abdullah inaugurated by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Drs. I Gede Ardika.
Abdullah Basoeki Museum collection consists of a collection of paintings and painters Basoeki Abdullah's private collection in the form of sculptures, masks, puppets, weapons and so on. Number of museum collections are granted based on existing data as much as 123 pieces, while the private collection (goods and art objects) owned by Abdullah Basoeki of 720 pieces, and buku-buku/majalah + - 3000 pieces.
Abdullah Basoeki museum serves the society by holding exhibitions, seminars, research and workshops, as well as various forms of publications issued in the form of catalogs, biography, collection of articles, and the results of a series of research and other activities.

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