From Pekojan district, West Jakarta, a mosque that was once only small mosque still standing since 1829 BC or 1249 Hijri. The mosque is now included in the list of protected historical heritage Jakarta. High Langgar mosque located in Pekojan Jalan Raya No. 43, Tambora, West Jakarta was built on land that dihibah by Syarifah Mas'ad Marik Ba'lawi.Dari mention, 'langgar' means the mosque or surau. The mosque was in his day is just a prayer. But now, without discarding its original name attached to the mention of the word mosque Langgar Tinggi.
In the 19th century, Kali Angke itself a trade route of transportation in the city of Batavia. Various merchants or traders back and forth across these river. No exception Yemeni Muslim merchant, Abu Bakr Shihab. He then set up two storey small mosque on the edge of the river. In addition to his time as a small mosque, where it also serves as an inn on the ground floor. While the upper floor is used for worship prayers.

At times it is also a range of boats and rafts of Tangerang down Cisadane and then go to Kali Angke carry a variety of merchandise. Before getting into town and peddle merchandise carried by the boat, the boat and the raft was leaning behind violated.
Only later in 1833 it was extended by the High Langgar Sheikh Said Naum. He is historically an Arab Kapitan for Pekojan region that once a wealthy Muslim merchants from Palembang. He is known to have a fleet of ships.

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Arab & Indian Heritage
West Jakarta
Jl. Pekojan No.43 Kel. Pekojan Jakarta Barat

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