Jakarta, Branding is an important point to develop a travel destination. Indonesia’s minister of tourism mentions, that Kota Tua is Manhattan of Asia.

Who doesn’t know Manhattan district in New York City, America? Manhattan is a famous district and known as icon of New York City. During the discussion of Socialization Kota Tua Jakarta for UNESCO World Heritage 2017 at Olveh building in Jakarta, minister of tourism Arief Yahya has compared Manhattan with Kota Tua  in Jakarta.

“ One could says, that Kota Tua represents as Manhattan of Asia” said Arief . Previously, the Minister of  tourism Arief often mentions, that branding is one of the important factors for tourism promotion. As for Kota Tua, the branding Manhattan of Asia is the most suitable one. The idea was based on the background of the two cities that supposedly made by the same people and known as a financial center then and now.

At least the branding Manhattan of Asia can give a great impact for Kota Tua in Jakarta, so the traveler can compare between Manhattan and Kota Tua. When the minister of tourism visited Mandeh Island in southern of west Sumatera, he did the same thing. Rather than call the Mandeh of Pesisir Selatan, he prefers to call Mandeh as Raja Ampat in Sumatera instead.