In 1937, the Foundation Oud Batavia proposed a plan to establish a museum on the history of Batavia, the Foundation then buy warehouse company Geo Wehry & Co is located in the east precisely on Jl Kali Besar. Pintu Besar Utara No. 27 (now museum Wayang) and rebuild it as a Museum Oud Batavia. Old Batavia Museum was opened to the public in 1939.

At the time of independence that museum was turned into Old Djakarta Museum under the auspices of the LKI (Lembaga Kebudayaan Indonesia) and later in 1968 '' Museum Old Djakarta '' submitted to the local government of DKI Jakarta. Governor of Jakarta at the time -Ali Sadikin- then inaugurated this building became the Jakarta History Museum on March 30, 1974.

To improve the performance and appearance, the Jakarta History Museum since 1999 plans to make the museum is not just a place to care, exhibiting objects from the period of Batavia, but also to be a place for all the good people of Indonesia and foreign, children, adults even for people with disabilities to gain knowledge and experience and can be enjoyed as a recreational area. Jakarta History Museum provides information about the city's history long journey, from prehistoric times to the present in the form of a more recreational. In addition, through the ordinance sits Jakarta History Museum depicts "As the Jakarta Convention Center Culture" from various ethnic groups both inside and outside Indonesia and the history of the city completely. Jakarta History Museum also organizes recreational activities that can stimulate visitors to be attracted to Jakarta and raise awareness of the importance of cultural heritage.

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