(Foto : Reza Hapiz / Beritajakarta.com)

The 8th Jak-Japan Matsuri held in Senayan, Central Jakarta, is officially closed, Sunday (9/3).

Fatahillah, Assistant of Community Welfare, said this event will be held annually as tourism facility.

“Jakarta Provincial Government appreciates the event and will hold it again next year,” he said.

Not only local people, the closing was also attended by 15 thousand of Japanese people who work in Indonesia.

“The event is good as place to meet and learn two countries cultures,” he added.

Based on Beritajakarta.com’s observation, several Japanese arts were performed last night. There were also Japanese traditional food.

Reported by Jhon Syah Putra Kaban | Translated by Rizky Mawardi

Source : http://www.beritajakarta.com/en/