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PD Pasar Jaya will hold Festival Jakarta Great Sale (FJGS) at 20 traditional markets. It is planned from Saturday (6/4) up to July 17, 2016.

PD Pasar Jaya Public Relation Manager, Gatra Vaganza, said the event sells nine staple food items cheaper compared to regular price.

The nine staple food items are rice sold by Rp 8,100/kg, regular price is Rp 11 thousands/kg. Next are sugar sold by Rp 14,000/kg, regular price is Rp 15,500/kg, cooking oil Rp 21,000 per 1.8 liter, regular price is Rp 28,000.

Wheat flour sold Rp 9,100/kg, regular price is Rp 9,900/kg, egg Rp 21,000/kg, regular price is Rp 23,500/kg, beef Rp 92,000/kg, regular price is Rp 114-135,000/kg, broiler chicken meat Rp 29,000/slice, regular price is Rp 34,500.

Red chilli sold by Rp 23,000/kg, regular price is Rp 30,000/kg, and red onion Rp 20,000/kg, regular price is Rp 40,000/kg.

“The event is held to assist citizens getting cheaper staple food,” he said, Thursday (6/2).

His side will also hold market operation at 100 traditional markets. The operation is held in Friday, Saturday and Sunday starting from June 10 up to July 3.

FJGS is held at Kramat Jati Market, Jatinegara Market, Perumnas Klender Market, Cibubur Market, Johar Baru Market, Pondok Labu Market, Gondangdia Market, Sunter Podomoro Market, and so on.

Reporter : Nurito | Translated by : Rizky Mawardi

Source : http://www.beritajakarta.com/en/