The finalists of Abang and None Jakarta 2015 have completed their 3-day mental and physical education and training program in Rindam Jaya, Gunung Bunder, Bogor. According to one of the instructors, Lieutenant Abunasri, “The training teaches discipline to the finalists where a sense of love to the country is embedded so that they will become a person with discipline who loves the nation’s culture.”

Following the physical and mental training in Rindam Jaya, Gunung Bunder, Bogor, the finalists will continue the process to the briefing and separation stage. The briefing session for the Abang and None Jakarta 2015 finalists takes place from July 30th to August 6th, 2015. The program will be presented by academicians and professionals who have experiences in their respective field. Protocol affairs will be presented by the Director General of Consular and Protocol of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ahmad Rusdi. To broaden the insight of the finalists on Betawi’s dress and accessories, Yoyo from the Betawi  Cultural Institution will teach them.

As an Ambassador of Jakarta Tourism, assigned to promote the work programs of the province of DKI Jakarta, the finalists of Abang and None Jakarta 2015 will also be briefed by Setiadji from Jakarta Smart City. Apart from a formal briefing, the finalists will also learn other subjects, such as Public Speaking by Tommy Cokro, Acting by Reza Rahardian, Vocal Technique by Otti Jamalus, Hosting by Indra Bekti, and Communicating in foreign languages by LSPR team, as well as Entrepreneurship by Hadi Wenas from

     In addition to materials from professional sources, the finalists of Abang and None Jakarta 2015 will also receive briefings from the judges, among others on Psychology by Dr. Rose Mini Agoes Salim, M.Psi., on Ethics and Fashion by Ratih Sanggarwati, on the Government by Deputy Governor of Culture and Tourism, Dr. Hj. Sylviana Murni, S.H, M.Si., on Communication and Public Relations Techniques by Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, on Marketing by Hermawan Kertajaya, and on Tourism by Dr. Robert P. Silalahi, M.Si, as well on the History and Culture of Betawi by Tatang Hidayat. In addition, Mrs. Happy Farida Djarot will also join the board of judges as a judge on General Knowledge.

Apart from the briefings, the finalists will also get involved in social activities to be held on August 8th, 2015 in an orphanage in Cipayung. The activity is a manifestation of the finalists’ social awareness. The Office of Tourism and Culture of DKI Jakarta has stated that Abang and None Jakarta will not just become an Ambassador of Tourism and Culture, but also a role model in public and social activities.
To enrich their knowledge on Communication, Media and Public Relations, the finalists of Abang and None Jakarta will pay a visit to Kompas TV in Palmerah. Various materials and activities provided to them will help them in carrying out their duties as Jakarta’s Ambassador of Tourism and Culture.

     “What is new in the selection of Abang and None Jakarta 2015 is that the favorite Abang and None will be selected through social media, that is Instagram, starting on Tuesday, August 4th, 2015,” Cucu Ahmad Kurnia, Head of the Destination Attractions Department of the Office of Tourism and Culture of SKI Jakarta, has stated. The selection of Instagram social media as a facility to select the Favorite Abang and None will be in line with the vision and mission of the government of DKI Jakarta which always innovates in the current development.
The peak of the Abang and None Jakarta 2015 event will be the final, broadcast live by Kompas TV on August 14th, 2015, at 19.00 – 21.00 West Indonesia Time. The event will be held at the Hall - Kota Kasablanka.