Dining Experience

Come and enjoy the variety of mouthwatering food and drinks that we serve especially for you here

1.       Selera Nusantara (Sundanese Buffet Dinner)

Fresh and spicy taste comes from West Java. Kembang Goyang Restaurant allows you to taste this food of Sundanese.

 2.       Special À La carte menu “Bebek Peking”

The simplest great tastes from our famous duck dishes from Beijing and the meat is prized for its thin, crisp skin. With authentic versions of the dish serving mostly the skin and little meat is Bebek Peking. Our culinary team will provide the best menu at A la carte. Savor the best at Teratai Chinese Restaurant.

 3.       Alas Roban

Mocktail is basically all the fun flavors of a mixed drink without the alcohol. Mocktails are a great way to experience the unique flavor combination of an adult beverage. In here we will serve with a special taste with honey and red ginger from Alas Roban.

 4.       Get the Coffee Out

A great way to start your day with many choice of coffee provided at LobiLobi Lounge. We have Black Coffee, Hot Cappuccino, Iced Coffee or Iced Cappuccino. Our gourmet coffee and skilled baristas will pour a beautiful design on the top of a milky beverage and create a perfect cup for you. You may enjoy and sip the coffee at spot or take away.