Jak-Japan Matsuri 2015 was successfully closed. Organized at Parkir Timur Senayan on Sunday September 13th, 2015, the event was attended by thousands of Japanese culture fans, who flocked the venue since early in the morning until late at night.

Held for the 7th consecutive year, the event was a joint cooperation between the Japanese Embassy in Indonesia and the provincial government of DKI Jakarta. This year’s theme was “Indonesia-Japan in a Dream Team ".

As in the previous years, the closing event presented a number of performances which was a cultural exchange between Indonesia and Japan. Hiroaki Kato, a Japanese singer, performed popular songs from Indonesian musicians in the Japanese language, such as Ruang Rindu (Letto) and Laskar Pelangi (Nidji).

The provincial government of DKI Jakarta presented a Batavian traditional Lenong show, which the spectators enjoyed so much that they roared with laughter.

The excitement was not only seen at the main stage but also at the mini stage, where local Indie Idols successfully made their fans get carried away ...

There were many other performances that attracted the visitors. Among others were Mikoshi parade, Obake (haunted mansion), and cosplayers were passing back and forth exhibiting a variety of costumes that they were wearing.

As the time went by, the rousing closing of Jak-Japan Matsuri reached its climax. Opened by a performance of Mayumi Itsuwa with the song Kokoro no Tomo, the closing was followed by J-Rock band and JKT 48 performances. The atmosphere was even more rousing.

The Jak-Japan Matsuri was finally closed by a firework show that would certainly make us miss and look forward to the event next year.