(Foto : TP Moan Simanjuntak / Beritajakarta.com)

West Jakarta Communication, Informatics and Public Relation Sub-dept is holding a technical assistance (Bimtek) via IBM Sametime application to the regional working unit (UKPD). With this application, it will facilitate the apparatus to communicate online.

"IBM Sametime application is given to SKPD and UKPD as a communication facility between the apparatus so as to improve performance," disclosed Sugiono, Head of West Jakarta Communication, Informatics and Public Relation Sub-dept, Thursday (8/11).

He explains it may help the apparatus in collaborating in real time by integrating audio, data, video, conferencing and online meetings. Thus the process of sharing ideas and brainstorming with the other apparatus becomes very easy.

"They can conduct online meetings with other officials from their respective offices. Until so much easier, effective and efficient, because it doesn't need to be stuck in traffic when the need for a meeting place," he continued.

It can also be used for monitoring and control flooding in the area. It can also monitor the presence of street vendors (PKL).

Bimtek itself will be held up to 1 September. With the division schedule for Wednesday and Thursday, starting at 9 AM-3 PM.

Reported by TP Moan Simanjuntak | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

Source : http://www.beritajakarta.com/en/