Slipi has been known as a center for Betta fish since the 1980s. It is unclear who started nurturing Betta in Slipi. But, certainly, Slipi and Betta inseparable. In fact, betta fish serit used as the logo of West Jakarta (West Jakarta). Fish sold in this market are owned by a number of farmers who live in Slipi hickey and surrounding areas. Before the building was constructed, farmers hickey sell their fish at home or on farms.
Since 2007, West Jakarta City Government inaugurated this marketing center that betta cultivating be better managed.
In Slipi there are currently about 150 farmers Betta. They form a group of farming betta

Important Information

Community Markets
West Jakarta
Jalan KS Tubun III Dalam RT 001/04 No 39, Slipi, Jakarta Barat

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