(Foto : Reza Hapiz / Beritajakarta.com)

Jakarta Governor, Basuki T Purnama wants to rationalize grant funds for various activities like festival. Because the fund will be used for the development of Betawi culture.

"Rather than grant, we would be better focus on aid to restructure Setu Babakan. So people who want to see can go there," he disclosed, during executive meeting, Monday (8/15).

According to him, funding can be increased for land purchase in such land. Thus a great place for various activities betawi could be developed.

"If you want to practice dance or anything, can go there," he told.

Not only in Setu Babakan, it can also be done in Si Pitung House, Marunda, North Jakarta. All parties who want to advance Betawi culture can contribute.

"We can also continue to promote through the LED lamps on the street or in the building for promotional," he closed

Reported by Jhon Syah Putra Kaban | Translated by Nugroho Adibrata

Source : http://www.beritajakarta.com/en/