Jakarta Tourism and Culture Department held Appreciation and Art Contest Nuance Religi, in Taman Ismail Marzuki Small Theater (TIM) Jakarta, Monday (9/10).

The event itself will last for five days from Monday (9/10) to Friday (13/10).


Religious art has become a culture for the citizens of Jakarta in the lower layer. Art nuance of religion other than as a suggestion of entertainment and means of expression of aesthetic expression, also used as da'wah and syiar religion, because the poem is always contained a religious moral message with the theme of exemplary.


The presence of art Nasyid, Hadroh, Qasidah, Gambus Music and Acoustic Pop Music Religion can be a filter to guide the younger generation, so as not to be swayed by various types of foreign art that tends to mengedapankan aspects of entertainment

Therefore, the Department of Tourism and Culture of DKI Jakarta Province feels the need to nurture the arts of religion, through the appreciation and contest of Jakarta Religious Nuance in 2017 is expected to be a positive alternative activity for some teenagers nowadays for historical, cultural and art relics both religious and non-religious, remain intact in the midst of foreign cultures.

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