Old buildings renovation program in Kota Tua, Taman Sari, West Jakarta is still in progress. So far, 5 buildings have been renovated. These buildings are post office, Chung Hwa pharmacy, Jiwasraya building, ex jeans gallery, and Rotterdam Loyd.

According to PT Jakarta Old Town Revitalization Corps (JORTC) Project Manager, Yayat Sujatna, the renovation of old buildings in Kota Tua has begun since March 2014. Therefore, they make an agreement with BUMN (national) companies, who own the rights of the buildings, by renting the buildings.

“After renovated, these buildings will be used as shops to attract more tourists to come here” said Yayat Sujatna.

There are 17 old buildings waiting to be renovated in Kota Tua area. Thus, Yayat’s team is working in order to finish the renovation of the buildings in time. Since Unesco will announce whether Kota Tua will receive World Heritage Site title or not in 2017. 

“Soon, we will throw a reopening event for the renovated Jiwasraya building.” add Yayat.

Source: www.beritajakarta.com